FitGirl News : Tension Fit Trainer Is Here! Retire Those Cables

Earlier this year I was made aware of new workout device that is supposed to give cables a run for their money. Hmmm. As an avid cable user, I was curious as to how this new device could give one a better workout. Introducing the new Tension Fitness Trainer CEO Dr. Tremaine Young, a professional engineer, and licensed primary care physician is also the creator and founder of the Tension Fit Training system. All of this and he actually works out not just talks about it!  Finding time to excersice can be challenging with his busy schedule so the next logical step was to develop a tool for busy professionals on the go . I was able to get the good Dr. to give me the skinny on TFT and how it can benefit your summer workouts. Looking at the TFT it resembles a pulley type system. According to Dr.Tre, he designed it to be used as a total body workout system including cardio that is portable. It can be used indoors or outdoors and if your stuck the website has helpful videos and information available.

Dr Tre using the TFT outdoors

BL :1. How does Tension Fit Trainer differ from other portable workouts (Ie cables, portable Pilates etc)?
Dr. Tre: TFT differs from other portable workout devices due to its unmatched versatility in exercises and seamless way to connect TFT anywhere. TFT is a closed looped resistance / tension device that follows the proper strength curve of every muscle in the body. As muscles get stronger from an eccentric to concentric position, TFT gets stronger too. TFT is one complete unit with zero additional attachments necessary. The apparatus you secure TFT to doe not have to support the users weight which makes your options for use limitless.

BL : Can one get a cardio workout and burn (especially,for Women) and what is your recommendation for best results ?

Dr.Tre. :TFT actually incorporates muscle engagement and cardio burn into one. Our women are seeing amazing results with Tension Fit Runs which simulate that of running with a parachute attached to your back. Tension Fit Jumping Jacks, Tension Fit Squat Jumps, and Tension Fit Backward Runs are a few others that have been crowd pleasers.

BL For the newbie or someone recovering from injury what workout would your recommend to rebuild strength ?

Dr.Tre: TFT was designed for all fitness levels and abilities in mind. Newcomers and those wanting to rehabilitate need to focus on Range of Motion activities. The key component for strength building is easily achieved through isometric muscle engagements. TFT was specifically designed to engage ones abdominal muscles through every movement which helps beginners and those seeking injury prevention / recovery to regain balance, coordination, and muscle control.

 When would you like to see your product available to the masses and where ? 

Dr. Tre: TFT officially launched  at on February 19th. TFT will be sold directly to the consumer via online outlet.

Versions of the TFT available

Have your tried TFT? If so let us know what you think .



  1. I’ve had a the opportunity to train with Dr. Tre for many years now, the last few of which have been with a few iterations of the TFT as he developed it, including the final product you have featured here. This device had completely eclipsed the bundles of bodylastics and TRX that now hang dormant in my gym. I am stronger, leaner, and faster because of the high intensity the TFT10 workout brings.


  2. I started my fitness journey back in high school 25+ years ago playing volleyball and softball. And since then, I’ve always done some form of physical activity to stay in shape. But this past January, my fitness level got turned up a notch with TFT, the Tension Fit Trainer! Never before has my body been transformed so quickly by one product! Since using TFT, I’ve become leaner, stronger, and my body is finally starting to develop the definition that I like and look the way that I want it to look! And the best part is that I only have to use it for about 19 minutes! Who doesn’t have 19 minutes to spare! I’m so grateful for the invention of this fantastic product. Getting strength and cardio training in one product, and in a small amount of time… You can’t beat that! 😊


  3. I use TFT and as someone who is always looking for a great cardio workout that gets the heart pumping (can you say anaerobic?) I definitely found it in the TFT. You only need about 20 minutes to get to full on burn mode. Best part – I can pack it in my suitcase and use it wherever I travel. Great product!


  4. I have been using the TFT product consistently since its launch and have seen tremendous results…a total body transformation. This is an amazing workout. The workout is intense but at the same time it is fun and you will feel great afterwards. I love the versatility and portability of the product. I am no longer confined to a gym or in my basement…there are so many possibilities….the world is my gym. I am a half marathon runner and my endurance and strength has increased. I ran my first 2015 half marathon this past May and shaved off 15 minutes of my 2014 time…this product is amazing. With nutritious meals and TFT, I guarantee you will love your results and your body will thank you for it.


  5. In 2013 I was devastated after hearing those 3 words, “you have cancer”. Now today after 6 rounds of radiation and 30 rounds of chemo behind me, I am cancer free and “in the BEST shape of my life” because of Dr. Tre’ and his amazing fitness equipment TFT. I would have never been able to regain my strength, endurance, and stability without the help of Dr. Young and TFT…TFT has made me stronger and pushed me farther than I thought I could go. I still have a long road ahead, but I’m closer to my goals than I have ever been using TFT!! Without this piece of workout equipment in my life I would definitely be miss out on my opportunity to stay fit and healthy…TFT have made💯+💪 and still more to come!!! This is an ongoing transformation for me, but I have no doubt I will get there with TFT!!!


  6. I have been so fortunate to have benefited from Dr.Tre’s TFT. When I first started seeing Dr.Tre’ I had a great deal of knee pain. I was receiving shots in both knees and was taking a lot of meds. Over the course of several months of using TFT to strengthen core muscles, in conjunction with adjustments and adopting an anti inflammatory diet, I am pain free and use no medications at all! Not only is TFT effective it really is easy and fun to use too…I am just beginning my fitness journey with TFT and I am excited about all the possibilities it offers!


  7. I love the product because it helps me with my cardio and my strength. When I first started using the TFT, I could barely do 5 pushups, now I can bust out 20 easy. My cardio has significantly increased. The work outs are usually only 30 minutes but after I leave, I am exhausted, exhausted like running a 5k at my fasted speed exhausted. I love the product.


  8. TFT Kicked my behind!! I had the opportunity to have Tre coach our 19 minute work out at our last staff meeting and I was drenched!! I thought I was in shape but man, it was different! I’m a fitness competitor, model, yogi, and cyclist…I need some TFT in my life!!! 🙂 can’t wait to get my hands on my own.

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  9. As a former collegiate athlete and athletic/recreation professional, TFT has changed my workouts. In college, I tore my patella tendon, and in 2014 I tore the other one. Not only did TFT help rebuild the strength in both my knees but restored them to better than before!! I can now run faster, jump higher, and feel the results. I can work out in a group setting, or in the comfort of my own home, or anywhere I see fit. TFT IS AN AMAZING PRODUCT and should be used by all who wants to take their fitness to the next level. This is definitely a must have.

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