Pedi Tips To Get Your Feet Ready For Summer

Spring has finally sprung and its time to get the toes in tip top shape. Here a guide to getting your feet in their best shape for the spring summer season.


Coming out of the winter blaas for feet requires a professional . So you little feet should head over to to your nearest spa for the full treatment. A place I recommend is Sheva Thai Spa. This spa transports one to Thailand . Gold accented decor and wrap pants upon entry.The standard Sheva treatment is a pedicure with a 30 minute thai massage in a foot bowl with flowers. The luxe is continued with a private eye mask ,headphones and ipod for total relaxation.

Sheva Thai Spa
Sheva Thai Spa



A week later maintain results with moisturizing with lotion of choice and  foot washes .

Step 1 A softening foot wash at home with Dove cream oil bar or wash is the perfect wash treatment.. The 1/4 moisturizer and added Moroccan Argan oil really make a difference. The bar or creme wash leaves the skin silky smooth and ultra soft.

Dove new dry oil bar and body wash
Dove new dry oil bar and body wash


Step 2 The color. Going eco with polish ? Try Priti NYC polish and remover. The remover smells like grass as opposed to chemicals. Another new eco polish coming soon according to my spies is by Surya Brasil should be hitting stores soon.

Priti NYC vegan polish
Priti NYC vegan polish


Step 3: Moisturize and moisturize again .


Soft Feet cream by Gehwol
Soft Feet cream by Gehwol

Nothing is better than soft moisturized feet . An all over body lotion like Shea Moisture SuperFruit Complex smooths the feet and firms the body. But for specific foot care Gehwol Soft Feet Cream with avocado oil does the trick everytime.



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